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Embassy Headlines, Issue 95


The prohibition of drugs, just like the prohibition of alcohol, is what provides the tremendous profits to the criminal organisations that provide the drugs on our streets. The legalisation of marijuana and other drugs will lead to a reduction in the power of street gangs and cartels that terrorise our cities.

Embassy Headlines, Issue 94


Prisons are for drug traffickers, kidnappers, killers and thieves, but not for those who smoke marijuana. Prisons in Mexico unfortunately, are full of marijuana smokers who will leave with a higher probability of becoming criminals than when they went in.

Embassy Headlines, Issue 93


Thanks to all the other small political parties who chose to place HEMP high on their list of preferences to give each other a better chance of winning a Senate seat in the Western Australia election re-run this Saturday.

Embassy Headlines, Issue 92


A bumper crop of headlines this week as the HEMP Campaign heads west for the WA Senate Election. Cannabis law reform voters come in many political colours and they support legalisation for many different reasons. The Embassy Headlines are a selection of recent articles from news services and media sources primarily concerning Cannabis issues, the consequences of prohibition and the challenges for law reform.

Embassy Headlines, Issue 91


Cannabis is one of the most benign herbs. Cannabis is safer than sugar, alcohol, tobacco and every pharmaceutical. So many lives could have been saved if they had legal access to the medicine made from the plant. Cannabis prohibition is genocide. People who support prohibition are complicit in a serious crime against the human race.

Embassy Headlines, Issue 90


Unfortunately for the sick and dying there’s more profit in keeping them that way. Children with epilepsy, veterans with PTSD and countless others who suffer will have to keep suffering until prohibition is repealed. Is stopping people from getting ‘high’ really more important than treating disease?

Embassy Headlines, Issue 89


The top brass open up about their fears of ending the drug war. The Military Industrial Complex is big business and they want to keep it as a tool for political instability around the world. Bounty hunted asset seizures and weapon dealers fund the drug war. Convicts work for prison wages in a modern form of slavery.

Embassy Headlines, Issue 88


Cannabis experts in Nimbin have discovered that prohibition only increases the price of weed which gives incentive to growers. Supplying marijuana also helps the local economy in providing jobs in tourism, the tertiary sector and law enforcement industries. Growth forecasts continue to outstrip expectations for profit in the unregulated and untaxed Cannabis commodity market.

Embassy Headlines, Issue 87


The same law that provides a profit incentive for criminals and law enforcement can be changed to provide a profit incentive for big business and high finance. Health and human rights issues don’t have the same appeal as money. Jump into the weed industry and quit your job as a dealer or at the DEA.

Embassy Headlines, Issue 86


Hippies know that Police make careers out of arresting people for growing their favourite weed. Police do a great job in maintaining the high price obtained for just a few plants. Your tax money has paid for the 30 year police operation in NSW. Where would your money go if there was no crime in Cannabis?

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