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US Cannabis Activists Visit Nimbin March 30


Two leading American Cannabis law reform activists are visiting Nimbin and will give a talk in Birth and Beyond.

Chris Conrad is a court-qualified expert witness on Cannabis who has testified more than 250 times in state, military and federal courts.

Chris is an internationally recognized expert on industrial hemp, commercial activity, cultivation and

Embassy Headlines, Issue 140


Cancer is a death sentence for some sufferers. The suffering is intensified when you know there is some relief but it is illegal. Cannabis prohibition is continuing to cause needless suffering for those who benefit from the medicinal qualities of the herb. How many more victims of cancer will suffer before prohibition ends?

Embassy Headlines, Issue 139

The Endocannabinoid System and General Practice Training Programs are soon to be married in Australia. In the meantime, as we wait for clarity, there’s always your local dealer/healer who knows a bit about your CB ones and your CB twos.

Embassy Headlines, Issue 138


Most people are safer drivers while under the influence of Cannabis. The fear of being arrested for possession does have a positive effect on caution and concentration. Driving home from your dealer/healer with a big bag of medicine is very good for controlling your road rage.

Embassy Headlines, Issue 137


While politicians, medical professionals and bureaucrats argue about the pros and cons of Cannabis for medical purposes, there are some courageous super heroes who just get on with supplying the demand.

Second Medical Cannabis Seminar set to go in Nimbin


The Nimbin HEMP Embassy has responded to overwhelming interest in the use of cannabis for medical purposes by announcing a second Medical Cannabis Seminar to be held next Saturday the 7th February at the Nimbin Town Hall from

Embassy Headlines, Issue 136


The answer is in billions of dollars each year. Calculate the profits for Big Pharma plus the expense of enforcing prohibition plus the social cost of crime plus the price of Cannabis on the black market and then compare the total loss to the potential gain for the economy when Cannabis is a tradable commodity as seed, bio-mass and medicine.

Embassy Headlines, Issue 135


Health insurance can be very expensive especially if you’re caught growing your own. Weighing up the benefits between paying your doctor for their ineffective pharmaceuticals or just paying for a bag of shit and few good seeds, is the easiest decision that you could ever make. Prohibition is the only barrier to natural affordable health care.

Embassy Headlines, Issue 134


Ask your Mum about Bex, Vincents and all the other little helpers or compound analgesics that were used to reduce stress and relieve tension. A cup of tea and a good lie down is another form of self-medication or therapy. Understanding your own health does help to prevent disease.

Embassy Headlines, Issue 133


Why wait until Cannabis for medical purposes becomes legal in Australia? Make your own medicine at home and bypass the middle man. Know what is in it and make your own decision on how much you need because your doctor is not trained to understand the endocannabinoid system. The choice between good health and criminal charges is easy for those who have successfully tried Cannabis for their medical condition.

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