HEMP Embassy Headlines 171


Law enforcement continues as we are told there will soon be legal relief for the chosen few, via people who don’t know what they’re dealing with, when somebody else makes a decision that was already defined in previous inquiries.

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HEMP Embassy Headlines 170


Drug use is a health issue. Overcoming addiction to harmful drugs begins with understanding the reasons for abuse. Cannabis helps stop using dangerous drugs, like alcohol, ice, tobacco, heroin & pain-killers. Cannabis reduces harm and provides.relief.

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HEMP Embassy Headlines 169


Cannabis is uniquely fat soluble, unlike all other drugs, and stays in your system for weeks if not months. Sniffer dogs and saliva testing drivers are like shooting fish in a barrel for our police force and encourage people to use drugs which leave your system faster and avoid detection.

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HEMP Embassy Headlines 167-8


Cannabis is a gateway drug to the top job in Canberra. Perhaps all ministers should be questioned on their propensity to observe the law and their ability to pass judgement on the behaviour of others who commit the same crime.

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HEMP Embassy Headlines 166


Prohibition is great for the economy. There is almost as much money in enforcing the law as there is in illegal trade. Prohibition is another form of quantitative easing that keeps the cash flowing.

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HEMP Embassy Headlines 163 – 165


The HEMP Embassy Headlines are a selection of recent articles from news services and media sources primarily concerning Cannabis issues, the consequences of prohibition and the challenges for law reform. Here are the selected headlines for this week.

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HEMP Embassy Headlines 162


Australia is due for an upgrade. The current operating system is based on a 20th century neurosis and is incompatible with modern logic. Since inception, Prohibition 101 has failed to serve justice and has imposed restrictions under a social class format.

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HEMP Embassy Headlines 161


Extreme Healthcare. Cannabis will go to retrial under tight security. Charged with ‘Causing moral perversion’, the plant remains in custody until the case reopens in a NSW hospital. The prosecution is confident that there will be enough evidence to justify continuing; The National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre, The NSW Police – Cannabis Eradication Unit and the budget for law enforcement.

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HEMP Embassy Headlines 159


Claiming Damages

Compensation for the victims of prohibition will be a difficult task for any government. The estimated bill for Australian tax-payers is in the tens of billions, which is in addition to the current cost of enforcing prohibition. Compensation for the loss of quality of life and the loss of opportunity, will be the bulk of the amount in the ‘Cannabis Trial’.

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