Embassy Headlines, Issue 144


Voting for whom you detest the least, is the modern day attitude for many voters.

Sparkling eyes can make up for a long list of bad policies. Winning by default is still victory, hollow or not. Is it possible that we get what we deserve from politicians? The reason they win seems to be due to a low level of interest in the political process.

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NSW Election Disappointing and Inadequate


An ounce of perception and a gram of action needed to win. While the internal party machines of the big two remain in moral conflict over Recreational v Medical use of Cannabis, potential votes are lost because of selective deafness.

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Embassy Headlines, Issue 143


Breaking the ice with medican show. Rooty Hill RSL serves alcohol and serves as a meeting place for the Returned and Services League members.

Cannabis is not on the menu and an RSL is not usually associated with any ‘Medicinal Cannabis Seminar’. Cannabis can treat PTSD plus other symptoms of war and can help overcome alcohol addiction.

Beyond prohibition we can expect to see “Drug War Veterans’ at RSL’s across Australia, choosing the safer option for recreational therapy – Cannabis.

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“I believe all our candidates grossly underestimate the number of votes tied up in this issue,” said Ms Gail Hester founder of the patient collective, MCUA Australia. “We are looking for compassion and common sense in our representatives,” she said.

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Embassy Headlines, Issue 142


Duty of care must include the decisions of policy-makers. Reinventing the wheel is a popular concept for our politicians, bureaucrats, law enforcement and policy makers concerning Cannabis.
Relying on the government, and those who have consistently denied any medical use, to now decide on the eligibility of carers to hold a licence, will require a leap of faith from the sick and dying.

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Embassy Headlines, Issue 141


Licence to Care: Carers across Australia will make the trek to Nimbin on May 2 & 3 for the annual Cannabis Carers Convention and their chance to be in the running to win a ‘Licence to Care’ and so avoid prosecution for the cultivation, possession and supply of Cannabis.

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Embassy Headlines, Issue 140


Cancer is a death sentence for some sufferers. The suffering is intensified when you know there is some relief but it is illegal. Cannabis prohibition is continuing to cause needless suffering for those who benefit from the medicinal qualities of the herb. How many more victims of cancer will suffer before prohibition ends?

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Embassy Headlines, Issue 139

The Endocannabinoid System and General Practice Training Programs are soon to be married in Australia. In the meantime, as we wait for clarity, there’s always your local dealer/healer who knows a bit about your CB ones and your CB twos.

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