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Prohibition prices are providing the incentive to grow Cannabis. The economy of scale in farming or cultivating large areas, will certainly lower the price, but the most significant reduction will be due to the end of prohibition. Very good medicreational Cannabis will be worth a few cents per gram, as you would expect.

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The hypocrisy and lack of integrity with our Cannabis laws are transparently obvious to everyone, especially young people when they experience Cannabis first hand. Sadly, this brings about a general disrespect for drug laws, social laws and authority in general. This is no doubt reflected in the lack of harmony within our society today.

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Breaking the curse of prohibition’s violence and corruption can only be good for Mexico. Redirecting the flow of cash through a regulated market will erode the profits of drug cartels who operate on both sides of the border. Supplying the US domestic market has profound consequences for most of Central and South America.

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Farming cannabinoids for medicine is a pipe dream based on prohibition prices.

Supply of Cannabis for medical use and research could be cultivated within a very small area of Australia. The true value of the Cannabis plant is the seed because of the protein and fat content.

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Opinion is clearly moving in the right direction, toward a more rational drug policy based on science, compassion, health and human rights. Australia has access to more than enough hard evidence on the medical use of Cannabis.

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Whatever cultural significance ‘marijuana’ may have once had as a racially loaded word was eclipsed in the 1960s, when marijuana was lovingly embraced by the hippie culture and was cast in a positive light.

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Law enforcement continues as we are told there will soon be legal relief for the chosen few, via people who don’t know what they’re dealing with, when somebody else makes a decision that was already defined in previous inquiries.

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Drug use is a health issue. Overcoming addiction to harmful drugs begins with understanding the reasons for abuse. Cannabis helps stop using dangerous drugs, like alcohol, ice, tobacco, heroin & pain-killers. Cannabis reduces harm and provides.relief.

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Cannabis is uniquely fat soluble, unlike all other drugs, and stays in your system for weeks if not months. Sniffer dogs and saliva testing drivers are like shooting fish in a barrel for our police force and encourage people to use drugs which leave your system faster and avoid detection.

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Cannabis is a gateway drug to the top job in Canberra. Perhaps all ministers should be questioned on their propensity to observe the law and their ability to pass judgement on the behaviour of others who commit the same crime.

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