Embassy Headlines, Issue 151


Ask your dealer/healer about the difference between recreational and medicinal Cannabis.There are some variations in the potency, cannabinoid profile and price but it will be difficult to spot the difference.

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Embassy Headlines, Issue 150


Defective Detection. The shift in drug use trends from Cannabis to fast acting undetectable drugs, especially ice, should be viewed as a direct consequence of Australian Police use of sniffer dogs, and saliva testing.

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Embassy Headlines, Issue 149


Stay healthy!

Try to prevent the cause of disease rather than just treat the symptoms. Think of Cannabis as the first choice for treatment and and as a preventative medicine. Recreational therapy is the key to good health.

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Embassy Headlines, Issue 148


Criminals come in all shapes and sizes.

Some are aware of their crime, some deny it and others are just doing their job. As with beauty, crime can be ‘in the eyes of the beholder’. The ugly consequences of Cannabis prohibition continue to produce victims and serve the best interests of profiteers and war mongers.

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MardiGrass Gives Methadone The Nod


Nimbin’s annual MardiGrass Cannabis Law Reform Protestival is shaping up to be the most science and fact based cannabis event ever presented in Australia.

With a full line up of recognised Australian and visiting researchers as well as Federal and State Parliamentarians, sessions are sure to be well attended by many seeking accurate information rather than hollow announcements being made by Premiers’ seeking to champion the cause.

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Embassy Headlines, Issue 147


Slow lane thinking [lickety-split]

Cannabis can cure ‘road rage’ and other aggressive conditions. But we can expect more rage on the road and the social media as the quest to raise revenue and lower respect via saliva testing steps up a notch.

Responsible use of Cannabis is better for road safety than any other therapeutic substance but our laws are yet to catch up with common sense.

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Embassy Headlines, Issue 146


Dealing in Health [Parasite].
There is an industry built on your health that is an attractive investment for the dealers in pharmaceuticals and insurance. Mixing your health with business investment may be good in principle but it creates an opportunity to profit on the basic fear of being unable to live within your means due to your poor health. Either way, you will pay.

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Embassy Headlines, Issue 145


Breeding Contempt [Consequence]. Breaking the law and feeling pleasure is easily achieved with Cannabis. Over time, the association of criminal and natural behaviour becomes closely tied. Obeying the law and denying harmless pleasure for no logical reason, continues to perpetuate resentment and disrespect for the current legal system.

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Nimbin MardiGrass 2015


Our Quest: To bring about change by the most entertaining means possible. Nimbin MardiGrass Cannabis law reform rally and gathering 2015 MAY 1, 2 & 3. MAJOR EVENTS = HEMPOSIUM + FLOAT AWARDS + HEMP OLYMPIX www.NimbinMardiGrass.com

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Embassy Headlines, Issue 144


Voting for whom you detest the least, is the modern day attitude for many voters.

Sparkling eyes can make up for a long list of bad policies. Winning by default is still victory, hollow or not. Is it possible that we get what we deserve from politicians? The reason they win seems to be due to a low level of interest in the political process.

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