HEMP Embassy Headlines 161


Extreme Healthcare. Cannabis will go to retrial under tight security. Charged with ‘Causing moral perversion’, the plant remains in custody until the case reopens in a NSW hospital. The prosecution is confident that there will be enough evidence to justify continuing; The National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre, The NSW Police – Cannabis Eradication Unit and the budget for law enforcement.

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HEMP Embassy Headlines 159


Claiming Damages

Compensation for the victims of prohibition will be a difficult task for any government. The estimated bill for Australian tax-payers is in the tens of billions, which is in addition to the current cost of enforcing prohibition. Compensation for the loss of quality of life and the loss of opportunity, will be the bulk of the amount in the ‘Cannabis Trial’.

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HEMP Embassy Headlines 158


Medicine to die for. Every RSL Club in Australia is an ideal venue for a Cannabis Seminar. Post-traumatic stress is just one of many conditions that Cannabis could provide relief for sufferers. Cannabis consumed in a licensed premises alongside alcohol is still a few years away.

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HEMP Embassy Headlines 157


Prohibition is a very successful business plan.

All sorts of industries do very well and take advantage of the circumstances. Maintaining the status of Cannabis in Australia is in the best interests of law enforcement, pharmaceutical drug companies plus the alcohol and tobacco industries.

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HEMP Embassy Headlines 156


The positive side of Cannabis prohibition is that the government has no control over the industry except via law enforcement. Try to imagine a world where tax and regulations can compete with the ‘black market’.

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Embassy Headlines, Issue 155


Higher Stakes. Is money the answer to all problems? Will a big pot of cash provide the means to buy credibility in Cannabis research? How much money is spent each day on Cannabis in Australia?

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Embassy Headlines, Issue 154


Evolving Attitudes. Think back to when environmental protection, sustainable living and organic food were just crazy concepts expressed by Hippies and other green extremists. Nowadays the concepts have grown into billion dollar industries around the world.

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Embassy Headlines, Issue 153


HEMP Ready To Roll Again [Good News]

Congratulations to the Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party who have passed the AEC review of registration and will be on the Senate ballot paper again for the next Federal Election.

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Embassy Headlines, Issue 152


Driving Fear [Tyrannical Times]. Prohibition’s effectiveness is based on fear of the penalties of breaking the law. The big stick approach to enforcing Cannabis prohibition displays the intensity of ‘moral judgement’ possessed by the law makers and enforcers.

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